Cryptovaluer. A tool to help you navigate crypto currency technical signals. 5 minute read

What would you do if you had tool that could decrease the time spent trying to understand the patterns and behaviors of currently active crypto coins? Imagine an app that supports your crypto coin analysis, that’s what I’m building.

This is my first article in a while. Checking in, my last piece was in 2020, during the first months of global lockdowns. A lot happened to me and to the rest of the world since then. However, my need and will to create content, improve my technical capabilities, and become financially independent never disappeared.

In 2022, I want to produce one piece... read more

Become a SQL database administrator, build your first database in Postgres and become 10x faster in your daily ETL routines 9 minute read

Everything starts for a reason…I was playing around with some messy data that I wanted to tame for a personal data science project. I automatically, without thinking, imported the data in Python.

I got bored. Python is not the elective language to clean and manage data. Personally, I have experience and I’m comfortable using SQL which is my go-to language to manage clean and wrangle data. SQL has the advantage of being extremely efficient in transforming operations and pre-exploratory data analysis.

What are the advantages of SQL ETL versus Python ETL?I recently came across an article that compared SQL and Python... read more

SQL versus Python, who wins? 5 minute read

I’m personally bombarded by articles and videos revolving around Python. Based on my experience however, SQL is the most fundamental tool that you will need from day one in any data role.

In this article I make the point that, based on my experience, SQL is the most important language you can learn when changing career and approaching data science. I started a quest to find the data that confirmed my hypothesis.

To help others that are in the process of learning SQL to understand the language faster, I started a series of lessons to explain SQL in plain English. You can... read more